• Signature Range logo

    CGT Signature Range

    CGT’s Signature Range includes two-hundred and twenty-two variegated colours in six-stranded cotton, perle 8 and perle 12 weights. The array of variegated colours and tones will suit any project imaginable.

  • Traditionelle by Brenda Ryan logo

    CGT EDIT Traditionelle by Brenda Ryan

    Traditionelle, a collection of twenty-eight threads and six accompanying embroidery patterns, is Brenda Ryan’s celebration of embroidery and stitchery traditions for CGT’s premier Edit release.

  • Namesake by Amy Kallissa logo

    CGT EDIT Namesake by Amy Kallissa

    Namesake is a not-so-secret glimpse into the life of Amy Kallissa; it shares Amy’s love for animals and discovering their individual personalities!
    Thrilled by the excitement of being invited to collaborate with CGT for their premier Edit  collections, Amy has put together a range of quirky and beloved characters, each with their own story to share and build upon.
    Along with twenty-eight unique and contemporary tailored threads of furs, solids, bohemian and hipster colours, Namesake is the next part of the journey for Amy Kallissa in bridging the gap between our foremothers and the younger generation.

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  • Typography by Katie Dawson logo

    CGT EDIT Typography by Katie Dawson

    C for Charlie, G for Golf, T for Tango. Typography is one of CGT’s premier Edit collections designed by CGT’s very own Katie Dawson. “The spark of inspiration hit me when my son Mac asked me if there was a thread for every letter of the alphabet” – says Katie. Cleverly using the radiotelephony phonetic alphabet, Katie has designed an innovative collection of twenty-eight threads AND patterns. This beautiful range of colours lend a glimpse into Katie’s love of typography and vintage wartime, bringing the market a mix of rich printers inks, on trend metals of rose gold, copper and industrial steels, rusts and petinas; an eclectic mix to compliment any style and surrounding.

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  • Forage by Lisa Mattock Logo

    CGT EDIT Forage by Lisa Mattock

    My Previous life as a florist continues to influence my creativity. As such, the colour ways for my Cottage Garden Threads range have been named after flowers and foliages that can be “foraged” – a reflection of my fascination with all the colours & textures in nature.
    – Lisa Mattock, Forage Slow Stitching

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  • Bookshelf Range

    CGT EDIT Bookshelf by Joanna Kabanoff

    A selection of 28 threads by Joanna Kabanoff of Mojo Stitches

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